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Drama / country UK / 283 Votes / Cast Amit Shah, Liam Neeson / release Year 2019 / Writer Owen McCafferty. Free Movie Normal urielles. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 You know, if I survive this, I'm asking for a raise. Or actually lethal weaponry, instead of rubber bullets. My job, up until last week, was ŵ̖̦͝atching people in cages. No questions asked. But then Cage #8 arrived. And now? I'm more concerned on getting out of here, then performing my job dutifully. Cerberus is still searching for the escaped. We found what was left of the initial security response. They were mauled by something. Limbs strown all around. Bite marks. That sort of thing. If I had to guess? I'd say Cassie or Bill got to thę͎̱͌̑͑͟͠m. Initially anyway. The lack of blood suggests Fred as well, but he was never one for dismemberments. Did I mention the initial response was around ten to fifteen guys? Kind of important. Cerberus, meanwhile, is four men (which is odd in of itself) I don't even know their names. Their faces are completely obscured and they wear riot gear. From what I heard, they go by codenames. W, F, P, and D. D seems to be the leader of the pack. Despite there only being four of them, T. D. seems confident they'll round up or exterminate the others. Either way, I'm not so sure I trust T. anymore. Not à̰̥̲͙̈́̏͝fter what I saw. I'm not allowed to leave. So in the meantime, I've been piecing together what's actually going on down here. Which, to be honest, isn't going well. I'm still confused as to what these people are. sh*t, I just heard gunfire Update: Alright well that was something. They found Cassie. She shook off about thir̪͒́ͅty seconds of shots from assault rifles. She's back in containment, as they could do little more than incapacitate her. One down I guess. T. D has gone missing though. Cerberus sent F to watch me. Guess they don't trust the normal security guard. They're kind of assholes in all honesty. I'm really hungry. I asked F to let me get some food from the cafeteria area, but he denied it with a headshake, and pointed to my chair. So I'm just writing now to clear my head. It's getting hardê̢̯͔̟͌̀͑r to concentrate if I'm being frank with you guys. I mean, wouldn't you be a little freaked out in my situation? At any rate, what really concerns me is our doll f̖͋riend has showed up in my office. F doesn't seem to notice, or care about it. Maybe T. hadn't briefed these guys. Or maybe I'm finally losing it. God I'm hungry. You know what's funny? I can't remember anything before last Saturday. The day they added cage #8. I should've guessed there was something up from the get go. But the pay was so good, and I needed the money. And for ten years, it was r̬̙̱̪̎́̈́͌͢͞elatively peaceful ya know? Relatively being the operative word. Or was it? I can't be sure anymore. Everything before last Saturday is a blank. Stress will do that, I suppose. Simple job. Watch people in cages. Get paid 500. I need food. I haven't eaten in what feels like days. I'm not dying here. Update: I can't. I can't believe what I did. So I convinced F to let me go check on the contained subjects. Fe͍͆ed them, etc. I took my weapon with me, just in case. And I. I was just so hungry. So f*cking hungry. So I ate some of the meat we give to Cassie. Yes I know, it's human but. I needed food. Ok? I ate yesterday but I felt like I was starving. I needed it. More than that monster did. And you know the worst part? I liked the taste. I mean, it was raw mȇ̡at but it wasn't bad. Tasted sort of like pork. So I ate more. It wasn't until T. appeared out of nowhere, that I realized I had been there for hours, gorging myself. I wasn't hungry anymore, but I couldn't stop myself. D pulled me away from my flesh feast, and told me that they had killed Fred. He didn't seem fazed by my actions, instead irritated that I had left my post. F wasn't there when I returned, but the doll was. And just like the other day, T. didn't see it. Even though he did yesterday. I asked he turned to leave "What are you. He stopped. "Come again. What. Are. You. He raked his nails on the doorframe as he stood in place. His fingers bled a bit as he did. "I'm just a guy doing his job. Same as you. That didn't satisfy me, so I hit him in the back of the head with my rifle. It didn't even make him flinch. He turned to face me, with a look of horrifying calm. "You know. I liked you. A lot more than the previous guard. The grotesque mass of muscle and flesh flashed in my mind, and I fell to the floor. The mask was gone, as whatever this thing was, walked towards me. "I'm doing a job that was given to me, and I need help doing it. All you have to f*cking do is watch those monitors and keep your f*cking mouth shut" He said, but I heard thousands of voices scream it from within my mind. "Do I make myself clear. His voice returned to normal. "You're a monster. Oh look at you! Finally figured that one out eh? Well not quite. I'm more like THE monster. Lightbringer, Prince of Lies, etc. He said, with mocking amusem*nt, lackadaisically gesturing with his hands. "Look. I'm not the bad guy here. No, in fact, I'm doing my best to keep them here. And for the sake of mankind, I suggest you do the same. He patted me on the cheek, and left the room. I ran for the door, but it was locked behind him. So yeah. I'm working for the devil himself. How fun. Should've suspected that from the beginning if I'm being honest. I'm going to get some sleep. I'll update you all later. Update: I woke up to more gunfire. They found Earl. His normally short hair was longer now, and he had no issues shrugging off bullets. In fact, he broke a gun over his knee. At least that's what I heard over radio chatter. They had restrained him, via horse tranquilizer (don't know why they had it either) cut his hair, then locked him back up. That explains the hair tonic rule. Lisa and Bill are still missing. But I'm more concerned with getting out of here at this point. I managed to pick the lock (I always keep a bobby pin on me. What can I say? I'm a bit paranoid at this point. And I'm going to lift the lockdown at one of the exits. Here's hoping I make it Update: Alright, figured you guys would like me to keep you updated. I have my phone with me for that very purpose. If I know this building well, I should be able to find the exit. Cerberus is patrolling for me. At least, I think they are? I saw, more security staff coming in with equipment. Managed to hide out of sight. My only option is going out the exit they take out the people they take away. I'll update later. I. I found it. And I wish I hadn't. I really wish I hadn't. The door they take people out of? There were stairs behind them. The stairs descended far below the building. The smell of sulfur was overpowering, but I decided it was my only option. I had been spotted by one of Cerberus, so I ran through the door. I still hear them trying to get in (I locked it behind me. The dark pit was seemingly endless. But as I got lower, after hours of walking. I heard it. Screams. Millions upon millions of screams of agony. And the heat. Jesus Christ the heat. Like the fires of hell. Which coincidentally, I do believe that's what it was. I tried to turn around, but a grip like a fiery hand grasped my ankle. It tried to pull me down the remainder of the stairs, but I managed to slip away. I ran as fast I could, back up the stair well, which they did not come down after all, so I had descended for nothing. I went back through, and found the building, seemingly long abandoned. It was the walls were covered in long dried blood, and scorched marks. The f*ck? I had come through the right door hadn't I? I turned to leave, but the door had vanished. I heard a voice behind me "Going somewhere. I turned and saw T. D., smiling ear to ear. "Come on, follow me. Where are we. Just another of our locations. With significantly less success. I followed behind him, and I noticed the mask had slipped more. His entire left arm was covered in burn marks, and his shirt was torn, revealing two scars on his back. His face was now continually shifting, much more noticeable than ever before. Gone was the aging movie star looks, and I just felt pure darkness radiating from him. "Think of me, as someone who's disciplining some particularly mean children. They were naughty and broke the rules. So I gave them time outs. He said, his voice deepening with every syllable. "Oh and don't think I don't know what you've been doing. You've been breaking the rules yourself, haven't you? Tsk. Tsk. He snapped his fingers, and we were back in my office. In the normal facility. He finally spoke "We found #7, and #8. Once we capture them, you're free to leave. You're going to help. I followed T. D., to a room. On either side, blood and entrails coated the room. Security teams ripped apart. In the center of the carnage was a six year old girl and a monstrous creature with an oxygen tank on it's back. Then everything went black. My job, was I watch people in cages. Seven cages, seven people. Each with different rules attached. My boss was a guy named T. Now, there's nine cages. One of them is empty. The ninth cage holds a male occupant. He's about 5'8. He's to be fed cooked meat and water daily. Furthermore he's allowed daily internet access for one hour. The cages are a bit cramped, but you get used to it. I used to watch people in cages.

The girl asking Vincent to hurry up : hurry up i needa use the bathroom Vincent : 5 more minutes dont come in The girl : I wanna take a shower not come in Me : if you take a shower that means your coming in... Where Can I Watch Online. Normal full movie 123movies english normal tv Hindi HBO 2018….

Free Movie Normal people en 5. Seeing addicts on street is a normal sight in every country. Oh hello i bumped into your video when watching pewds book review. you are subscribed my friend.

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Brenda song is so freaking hottttttt. 6 wins & 11 nominations. See more awards » Edit Storyline A grieving mother cannot "move on" after her son's death, keeping his room as it was, wanting her younger boy to be like his dead brother. A youth leaves juvenile detention, going home to an angry father and a lonely young step-mother. A college teacher whose brother has autistic behaviors separates from his wife and is attracted to a student. The narrative discloses slowly the mother, youth, and teacher's connections to a car accident. The paroled youth talks to the dead boy's girlfriend and must sort out his relationship with his step-mother; the professor encourages his brother to go on a date. Can the mother see her living son for who he is? In what ways can each be normal? In what ways can each be normal? Written by <> Plot Summary, Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 7 October 2008 (USA) See more » Also Known As: Normalni ludzie Box Office Budget: 2, 500, 000 (estimated) See more on IMDbPro » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs » Did You Know? Soundtracks The Crash Was So Unkind Written by Ryan Ostiguy Performed by Castle Project See more ».

Free movie normal people like. Such a great book. We need this man as our next President. Like the movie on Friday evening at cinema, after hard working week, nice to escape with something simple and touching. Liam Nesson is best in any role he plays. Hi. You're not helping. Am I concerned about how this change in schedule will affect my channel's placement in the YouTube algorithm? Very obviously, I am - I made an entire video saying as much when I announced the new schedule. But this is a necessary thing for me to do for my own well-being and health. And if it completely destroys my channel? Then that's something I'll have to deal with. But frankly, if it does, that's an indictment of YouTube - NOT me or my work ethic. People should be able to take breaks and catch their breath every once in a while without YouTube penalizing them permanently for it. And for anyone who reads that and thinks "Yeah, well, I wish I could take a break from MY job just because I feel tired. first off, I agree with you! You SHOULD be able to do that. I think people are overworked in general, which is why I favor political and social changes that encourage a healthier work/life balance. But secondly, I've worked 7 days a week for nearly 3 years straight, only taking the occasional day off to travel or, God forbid, do a special social thing. And my work days usually last from when I wake up until when I go to sleep. That's not a normal work schedule. Weekends don't exist for me. All those cool games people play and TV shows people binge? I haven't been able to do those things, because I haven't had consistent hours of free time like that since Dead Meat was launched. Also, this is my job, and if I may say so myself, it's one I'm pretty damn good at. Do you really think I'd do something that would jeopardize the channel without talking to a bunch of knowledgeable people about it first, and having a plan for when I come back? I did, and I do. But the plan I have would be impossible to enact if I were to maintain the work schedule I've kept - again, let me stress - for over two and a half years straight, every single day. Yes, there's a chance this fails and the channel never recovers. Chelsea and I are very stressed thinking about that possibility - so much so that it's sometimes difficult to enjoy the newfound hours of free time I'm giving myself. When you post comments here or on Twitter or on videos saying I'm killing my channel, you're only making it worse and stressing us out more. So, if you're a fan, or even if you just don't want to make someone's life a little bit worse, I'd appreciate it if you kept thoughts like that to yourself, and trust that I have a plan to keep Dead Meat alive and well for years to come. Like I said, it's my job, and it's one I'm damn good at. Sorry if this comes across as aggressive or anything, but honestly, despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction I've seen to the schedule change (I'd estimate that 80-90% of the comments I've read have been positive) I can't help but feel deeply disappointed when I see people acting offended that I want to take a break after I've busted my ass for so long to consistently release videos of (I believe) ever-increasing quality. I've always taken this channel and my audience seriously, and have put them above everything else in my life besides my relationship (which still had to make plenty of compromises in order for me to meet all my deadlines. I even made sure that December, my last month of releases, was filled with some of the most-requested movies of all time. Yet apparently, that still wasn't enough for some people. Like I said, it's disappointing to see those comments. But if you've been supportive of the change, thank you very much. I truly appreciate it and want you to know it means a LOT to me to see your positivity. Thank you all, and be good people.

Sometimes keeping a film simple and not overdoing it with dramatic music or big set plays actually allows a film to resonate to a larger extent and that's certainly the case here. A reminder that Neeson is actually quite the versatile actor with the right material and a powerful lead alongside him. Emotional and a story that will likely effect most of us at sometime an intelligent, respectful yet all the powerful for it film that did not overstate or understate in any department but struck the perfect tone. Not necessarily for everyone but I for one thought it was fantastic.

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I dont know why but I loved the part when she said “I didnt cry at all except nearly one time when I just wanted the book to be over”. Free movie normal people gif. 8:03 he says he is rich but the other time Hao says 8:37 he is rich... That's pretty interesting. I respect your opinion. Free Movie Normal peoples. This is almost a fly-on-the-wall style telling of how an ordinary couple discover and come to terms with one of them having cancer. It is told in an intimate but not sentimental way, and is really quite touching. Owen McCafferty's script uses humour, sex, pathos, occasional anger, and a relationship with another couple in a similar (though more terminal) situation to help convey the deep senses of frustration, helplessness and hope as they go through the testing and treatment procedures. Liam Neeson plays his part well; though the script doesn't give him too much to work with. Lesley Manville is superb, though - really very convincing; she elicits sympathy by the bucketful. It doesn't pull it's punches so be prepared for a tough watch at times.

I cannot believe that voldermort had sex with bellatrix. complete fanfiction. He had no happy emotion in him. Free movie normal people video. Free movie normal people pdf. Free Movie Normal people. Omg thank you so much for not being one of those dOnT JuDgE people. 2:52 Im getting the child predator vibe from this dude. Free movie normal people game. Is this mostly for endurance athletes or does it work for sprinters also. This guy is unlike any other DNC candidates. He truly understands the main issues. Free movie normal people reviews. Pause at 2:22 “ 𝙄 𝙙𝙞𝙙'𝙣𝙩 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙜𝙪𝙮𝙨 𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙙.

Free movie normal people lyrics. Free movie normal people vs. Absolutely loved every moment of this. Fantastic work ❤. Free movie normal people meme. Free movie normal people youtube. Free Movie Normal people magazine. Free movie normal people quotes. "Normal`People`Film`Online. Normal When Watch~Normal~People~Online~Rollingstone Watch~Normal~full~movie~vidzi Normal The link Read more Normal People Normal Streaming Online. Free movie normal people pictures.

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I wish everyone in America could listen to this. I find myself unexpectedly moved and inspired by this man. Hopefully his voice will be heard in this presidential campaign. Go Andrew. Free movie normal people trailer. Nobody: No one: Literally nobody: The stokes twins: doing the Renegade dance while punching each other in the Bounty aisle🤣. Its YANGSTER era! GO YANG 2020, Amazon is trying to challenge him by making ads about how they are hiring more, but its all fake, every robot helps fill a humans job, they can keep hiring one person but they are also not hiring another at the same time! This will keep happening until robots and humans will be equal in no. in the warehouse which is already wrong for humans, lets not even go to when the scales start tipping, all this while Amazon gets richer and richer and richer but normal people get poorer jobless and homeless.

3:33:30 - 3:45:30 12. Men, Women, and Children. Free Movie Normal. Free movie normal people full. Free movie normal people without. Free Movie Normal people en 5 clics. Free Movie Normal people with bad. (2019) Midsommar 9. 5/10 This movie isnt for everyone and I dont mean that in a pretentious way. I do think almost anyone can understand the plot, the subtext and motifs strewn throughout. However, the way its presented, isnt always traditionally palatable. Astor is just such a student and fan of film that you can see this kaleidoscope of homages and influences throughout this movie, all while making it feel like his own project. Florence Pugh really surprised me. She had huge shoes to fill and my favorite aspects of the film were brought to light through her performance. Her character arc is the entire movie and I really felt like I related to her character, while being terrified by how much I also didnt relate to her, if that makes any sense. This is just a movie you need to see for yourself. (2019) Us 9/10 Im thankful that I can say, put simply, this film lived up to the hype. I was slightly concerned that it was going to be Peeles attempt at a home invasion horror movie but the script is spectacularly original and I can say with all honesty, its very unpredictable. I love how its once again, like his previous film, set in an idyllic location. It opens with tons of effective humor, coupled with the cheery atmosphere; its inviting nature just makes the tonal switch hit that much harder. (2019) Little Monsters 8/10 Lupita is absolutely exceptional. She blew me away in Us and she blew me away here. Her performance, character and delivery are so exceptionally genuine here. Really everyone is fantastic. Josh Gad and Alexander England are hilarious and deliver some really witty dialogue. It's just a surprisingly sweet and funny zombie movie. I loved it. (2019) Furie 7/10 (2019) Godzilla: King of the Monsters 7/10 (2019) Glass 8. 5/10 M. Nights superhero universe is so special to me simply because its different. He took the task of creating and growing these characters in a realistic space, which wasnt guaranteed to work. Its pretty much universally agreed that Unbreakable is a fantastic film and Split while respected, was divisive. Now with Glass, everything has only become even more divisive as this universe is fully established. I respected this film so much for not hiding behind itself, the entire plot puts all three characters in the forefront and shines light on all their strengths and weaknesses. Its clear James McAvoy is the star though. His performance is absolutely incredible. (2019) Ma 7/10 (2019) Crawl 7. 5/10 (2019) I Am Mother 8/10 I Am Mother is an incredible sci-fi horror film that while borrowing from previous successes, manages to add a whole new human element that makes it unique. I thought Clara Rugaard did a great job. My initial thoughts were that the role didnt require much but the subtleness of her role arguably required a greater effort than a traditional dramatic role. (2018) Dragged Across Concrete 8/10 S. Craig Zahler is unlike any other filmmaker out there. His style is akin to an NFL ref who really doesnt care to step-in too much to call penalties. His films are lengthy because he really just likes, natural, raw, uncut scenes and that aspect is pleasantly subversive to traditional filmmaking. It comes with some potential pitfalls like actual missed editing (more so complete omission) opportunities of certain scenes and overall this project can seem too long. Despite the length though, it kept me engaged the entire time and has such a unique, albeit potentially racist perspective. (2018) Lords of Chaos 8. 5/10 I've been a black metal fan forever and this is a biography-ish (who knows what actually went down exactly) film about the band Mayhem. Man, some scenes are so brutal and dark bur most importantly, I loved how it portrayed most of these dudes as neo-nazi incels. I still f*cking love Burzum and Mayhem but I'm glad they got this one right. Rory Culkin is pretty fantastic in his role and I feel like the horror community should be interested in this. (2018) Incident in a Ghostland 9/10 Im so grateful for a psychological horror film of this magnitude and frankly, the best twist since the M. Night-era. Im filled with questions but ultimately I thought it was one of the smartest films of the year. I found the sound design to really play into the gut-wrenching meat of this project and its something I could discuss for days. The cinematography is also fantastic, violence is fast and impactful. (2018) Climax 8/10 The dancing in this film almost feels like its intertwined with every aspect of both the story and the production. Its almost hypnotizing at times and evolves eventually into a brutally intense sequence of dizzying follow-cam style shots as you watch these incredible performers contorting their bodies. It all eventually sort of decays as characters separate and reality from the drugged-up trip seems to blur. Actual horrible things are happening in real life but because these characters are consumed by delusion. I think people need to watch this and just sit with it for a bit before forming an opinion; I definitely needed to. (2018) The House That Jack Built 9. 5/10 In my mind, this is Lars Von Triers masterpiece and Matt Dillons best performance to date. Its hands down the most fun, engaging, darkly humorous, disturbing, bleak and creative film Ive seen in a long time. (2018) Braid 8/10 Braid is a fantastic film and one that I cant jump to compare to anything else. Its such a fresh new take on the psychological horror genre. I loved how I actually didnt understand what was going on in the beginning but was so enamored with the visuals that my attention didnt waver. The film really excels in storytelling and all three actresses did a great job at selling their roles. Its one of those great mystery projects thats hard to talk about because you so badly need to go in blind. (2018) Venom 7/10 (2018) Head Count 7. 5/10 (2018) The Witch in the Window 8. 5/10 First off, this film has the funniest f*cking spotlight negative review on iMDB about a festering rotten cup of piss and I love that. Unfortunately, or fortunately rather, I wholeheartedly disagree. It was one the most emotionally impactful movies Ive seen in months. The cinematography is so clean and correlates with the tight knit story itself. Nothing is hidden; the dialogue and visuals are very much the focus. It blends scary with intriguing in a way thats truly unpredictable. (2018) The Strangers: Prey at Night 7/10 (2018) Suspiria 9/10 Its definitely a lengthy film but the narrative is fantastic. The visuals are muted in stark juxtaposition to the original but theyre so f*cking raw and twisted that it works. Theres also several performances to note, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth and our lead of course, Dakota Johnson. I dont think theres any competing with Goblins original soundtrack for Argentos film but Thom Yorke did a good job. It took a re-watch to fully appreciate his work but I like that its different and very melancholy. (2018) The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot 7. 5/10 (2018) Bird Box 8/10 The creature design in this film is so incredibly unique and almost intangible at points. Its not without its minor flaws, such as some shoe-horned characters and flirtations with over-used tropes but they dont seem to detract from the big picture. (2018) Hold the Dark 8/10 Jeremy Saulnier is an incredible director, usually putting forth visceral experiences that both speak for themselves and hit the viewer hardest from a visually artistic standpoint. Hold the Dark is completely different. It contains the same expert level cinematography, sound design and photography but where it differs is its story driven aspects. The tale of this film so-to-speak, is f*cking insane. (2018) Halloween 8/10 I absolutely loved this movie, if not simply for the fact that it balanced that difficulty of paying homage to the original series, while using modern techniques to elevate it. Its extremely well-produced but still forces itself to break away from the obscured angles and macro shots to give us these raw, long follow-cam sequences. (2017) The Crescent 7/10 (2017) Cold Skin 7/10 (2017) Jungle 8/10 For a religious-themed film about survival and hope, McLean did decide to pull from his horror-film roots for the most intense, seemingly hopeless portions of the film. The ominous music, tense visuals and crushing psychological twist is for me, what sets it apart from many other films of the same vein. (2017) Pyewacket 8. 5/10 I f*cking love occult horror and this film was downright scary. Thats truly one of the greatest accomplishments because I dont usually get scared watching horror films anymore. Its somewhat of a slow burn but in a way that really creeped me out. (2017) A Ghost Story 9. 5/10 Its really difficult to put into words why I loved this movie so much because it was less about the mechanics and more about that way it made me feel. I never thought I would come close to crying watching Rooney Mara eat pie for what seemed like a half hour but here we are. Its an arthouse film. They f*ck with the aspect ratio. They f*ck with every shot, oftentimes by not f*cking with it at all. It was touching to me; sweet at times, dark, lonely and ultimately hard hitting. (2017) The Bar 7. 5/10 (2017) Tigers Are Not Afraid 9/10 It didnt even really register to me that even films that portray the Cartel in the most violent way, still tend to be glorifying the culture. This film weighs the innocence of childhood directly against the gangs ruthless nature to deliver a seriously moving project. I absolutely loved the art direction and cinematography. Theres a certain simplicity to it all which seems to oscillate between endearing, depressing and terrifying. The child actors are also remarkable, Im not sure how these directors manage to even find them. The story is really tight-knit as well, which makes the pacing almost impeccable. Scene after scene, the film just gets more “real” while also losing itself in fantasy. Its just wonderful. (2016) Sam Was Here 9/10 Never in my 4 years of reviewing on here have as so firmly disagreed with an iMBD score but this movie is f*cking fantastic. It's evil, it's mysterious, well shot, well acted and one of the most suspenseful films I've seen this year. I was absolutely rocked by the ending and I have nothing left to say. The mystery is the most fun part so just go watch it and pay attention to detail. (2016) Are We Not Cats 8/10 This is a film that, at least for me, beckoned some further understanding or hidden meaning. Now that I sit with it though, I've very satisfied with the experience. It felt desolate yet intimate, gross, strange and helpless. I feel like it's a fantastic project about acceptance, hardship and empathy. It seems like it was comprised with all amateur actors and filmmakers but I'm impressed with every aspect of the film. (2015) Southbound 7/10 (2015) Baskin 8/10 The first 40 minutes are a horror-filled dreamlike sequence of dialogue only. Given the explicit nature this film eventually gets into, the fact that its my favorite portion of the film says so much about the quality of this script. (2015) Remember 9. 5/10 This is an absolutely enthralling and heartbreaking revenge film. Its the type of movie where I dont want to mention a single detail about the story because the story is the entire film. The acting and script are top notch; cinematography clean and focused. Its one of the most immersive experiences Ive seen this year and something that felt hard to even pause. (2014) Tusk 7/10 (2014) Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead 7/10 (2014) The One I Love 7. 5/10 (2014) Life After Beth 7/10 (2014) Honeymoon 8/10 There is definitely overt horror as the film climaxes but its a very performance driven film. Rose Leslie is to thank for that that, her character is genuine and believable throughout. Harry Treadaway deserves a mention too because hes great as well. Its really the contrasting highs and lows of their on-screen relationship that build tension and create this anxious atmosphere. (2014) Creep 7/10 (2014) As Above So Below 7/10 (2014) Girl House 7/10 (2013) I Spit on Your Grave 2 7/10 (2013) Horns 8. 5/10 This film has so many different faces and its an absolute grab-bag of emotions depending on what scene you to choose to examine. The reason that mix isnt to its detriment though is because that constant tonal shift if present throughout the entire f*cking film. I love religious based horror like this and this sort of filled me with that wide-eyed fascination that Erremenatri gave me. (2013) V/H/S 2 7. 5/10 (2013) Coherence 8/10 I absolutely love this movie. Ill be upfront in saying its difficult to talk about without spoiling anything. However, I genuinely found the events that transpire during this normal dinner party setting to be unsettling. (2013) Bad Milo 8/10 This movie is so f*cking funny. As a person with anxiety and acid reflux, it was just wonderful. Ken Marino was absolutely hilarious and its one of the most ridiculous films of the decade. (2013) Afflicted 8/10 The found footage genre isnt new but a version dominated by POV shots, such as this one, is less common. In this instance, it works incredibly well. Considering Im writing this in 2019, its a damn shame directors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse havent released another film. Theyre such standout filmmakers, writers and even solid actors as well. The story itself isnt mind-blowing but its absolutely engaging and definitely not a weak spot. I feel like without it the production efforts would have felt gimmicky but as an entire package, the film is a vicious, fun ride. (2012) Vamps 7. 5/10 (2012) V/H/S 8/10 Anthologies are one of my favorite mediums to consumer horror but can also be the most difficult to pull off. This film has writing and directing credits in the double digits and with that many creative minds working together as well as separately, its very common for a portion of the film to fall short. V/H/S is incredibly special for defying this common pitfall by delivering shorts that are diverse but consistent in quality. (2012) The Bay 7. 5/10 (2012) Sinister 8/10 I found Sinister to be a perfect blend of bleakness and scary. It has some effective jump scares to reel in that horror, cinematic experience but also casually injects some incredibly f*cked-up content. For a wide-released, ultra-popular horror film, it pushes the limits quite a bit. The fount footage aspects are the best part. Ethan Hawke is great and everything but theres something about these tapes, coupled with very eerie audio that just throw you off balance. (2011) Youre Next 7/10 (2011) Apollo 18 7/10 (2011) The Cabin in the Woods 9/10 Its literally a statement on the instability of the horror genre itself. The production is fantastic and however goofy it may seem, its actually thrilling. The film has the ability to create and break stereotypes simultaneously. (2011) Source Code 8. 5/10 I always pay attention to films that require a character to accept an entirely new reality. With a normal films runtime, it can be difficult to balance that pacing of that sort of character development. This film is a great example of it done right. Gyllenhaals characters reluctance vs. acceptance are two aspects that work in tandem throughout most of the film. Its a very human and a definite point of praise. (2010) The Crazies 7. 5/10 (2010) Tucker and Dale vs Evil 8. 5/10 This movie is one long gag but its both completely genius and absolutely hilarious. Its truly a masterpiece of satirical meta-horror. (2010) I Spit on Your Grave 9/10 This is the most gruesome, violent revenge film Ive seen to date and a shining example of a movie that holds back nothing. Its 50 min of an elongated rape scene followed by a Hellraiser level revenge sequence that will make the most seasoned horror fans wince. (2009) Zombieland 8/10 This is an incredible zombie film and despite feeling like a time-capsule of 2009, the core components still hold up really well. Its a short, sweet, easily digestible and simply, fun to watch. I love all four main characters but the dynamic between Eisenberg and Woody was my favorite. Woody in particular is f*cking hilarious and oftentimes I felt as if his energy actually was actually the backbone of the entire film. (2009) Jennifers Body 7. 5/10 (2009) Triangle 8/10 Its a movie thats strangely simplistic while being really complex. Theres a ton to be gleaned from the details and, outside of the exposition, I actually had the most fun simply pondering what the bigger picture was. (2008) The Ruins 8/10 I actually had put on this movie looking for a schlocky, vacation horror that I could semi-tune out to but I was so impressed. I feel like Im the first person to say this but I saw a few big connections to Annihilation. Theres some super creepy sh*t with plants and relevant to that, a very familiar misdirection. The gore is also fantastic. (2007) The Poughkeepsie Tapes 7/10 (2007) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 7. 5/10 (2007) 1408 9. 5/10 John Cusack helms what to me is one of the scariest haunted house films ever made. Its a project that breaks free of the traditional tactics and roots itself in psychological horror. I highly recommend this for literally anyone and everyone. It feels like being water-boarded by supernatural/psychological horror and by the end, I felt spent, in the best way possible. (2007) Stuck 7/10 (2006) Slither 7/10 (2006) Bug 7. 5/10 (2006) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 7. 5/10 (2006) Final Destination 3 7/10 (2006) Hatchet 7. 5/10 The predictable characters, campiness and outrageous special effects arent just essential to this film but slashers in general. I love Victor Crowley. Does he bear some resemblance to Jason? Sure, I can see it but this inbred mongoloid also happens to have his own unique charm. Despite the film being called “Hatchet”, Victor isnt afraid to use anything and everything around him to kill. (2006) Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon 7. 5/10 (2005) Hostel 7. 5/10 (2005) Doom 7/10 (2005) Shaun of the Dead 9/10 This movie is just wonderful. I find it hilarious on a personal level but also so intelligently funny that it could go down as one of the greatest horror-comedies of all time. (2005) The Butterfly Effect 8/10 Alright so I watched the directors cut and wow, I f*cking loved it dude. I should note I think it can take an open mind to fully accept and appreciate the new ending but I found it made the entire film much more complex. I highly recommend checking out this version of the movie. (2004) The Village 8/10 One of the saving graces for this film was the writing of William Hurts character. Hes such a uniquely sensitive and honest injection into what lays out on paper as one big deception. M. Night chooses to lift the veils fairly early on about the more thrilling aspects of the film, which is a complaint for many. However, it rightfully reverts the focus back onto the characters in my mind and the sense of desperation that embodies this village. Ultimately what the film represents to me is hope. Id recommend not listening to what youve heard and checking it out for yourself. I think that after over a decade has passed since its misguided marketing, the film deserves a second chance under fresh perspectives. (2004) Dead Mans Shoes 8/10 One of my favorite sub-genres is revenge horror and this low-budget film implores its characters to be as human as possible. Beyond the veil of violence and even characteristics indicative of slasher films, Considines character is a deeply flawed, psychologically broken man. Oftentimes in revenge films, we see this unstoppable omnipotent protagonist fueled by pure rage but here, his fearlessness goes hand-in-hand with recklessness. (2003) Jeepers Creepers 2 7/10 (2003) House of 1000 Corpses 7. 5/10 (2003) Alexandras Project 7. 5/10 (2003) Scary Movie 3 8/10 As much as both horror and comedy films can succeed without actually being scary or funny, those are still some of the most important aspects. If Im scared, its an effective horror film and the same goes for comedies. Basically what Im trying to say is that as dumb as a movie like this is, its so f*cking funny. It also strays away from just making fun of horror with parodies of 8 Mile, which is just delightfully retarded. (2003) Final Destination 2 7/10 (2002) The Ring 9. 5/10 This was one of the scariest f*cking movies I saw as a kid and it still is to this day. It also happens to be, what I consider, one of the few powerful uses of grey-scale film in existence. It's bleak, expertly paced and really just pure tension from start to finish. I love everything about this film. Gore did a fantastic job directing but I have a huge amount of respect for Ehren Kruger as well for the screenplay. The original film is iconic but frankly, this is better. (2001) Jeepers Creepers 8/10 Id go as far as to say this is the best demonic horror film, post 2000s. Justin Long is a breakout star. A lot of people sh*t on him but his wide-eyed looks alone made this film the success it is. He was more successful in portraying fear than most modern actors. (2001) Dagon 8. 5/10 Stuart Gordon doing Lovecraft isnt something I could ever envision as being anything but fantastic and this film confirmed that. Stuart working with David Marti this time on the visual effects; I cant even begin to describe how excellent the body-horror is here. Its f*cking fantastic. (2001) The Others 8/10 Its a film to be that blends drama with horror in the fashion that tends to suit a really good haunted house film. For me personally, I felt the séance sequence is what stood to me most. Its not the most violent, lengthy or erratic scenes Ive seen of its type. However, its reveal and overall fluidity is something that just came off very eerie and hopeless. (2000) Final Destination 7. 5/10 (1999) Sleepy Hallow 7. 5/10 (1998) Disturbing Behavior 7. 5/20 (1997) Event Horizon 7. 5/10 (1996) Scream 9. 5/10 Scream just may be the best meta-horror film ever made. Its so special to me and was probably the film that sparked my fascination with horror. I watched it the year after it came out, at 8-years old, alone in my dark basem*nt. I shut it off after the opening scene with Drew Barrymore and never saw the rest until years later. However, if I had just stuck with it, it actually evolves into this darkly funny, poignant statement on slasher films. I could talk about a ton of performances but Matthew Lillard blows me the f*ck away every time I watch this movie. I literally get chills during the climax seeing him become and own this f*cking character. Hes just incredible. (1994) Mary Shelleys Frankenstein 9/10 Absolutely, hands down the best modern Frankenstein movie Ive ever seen. Robert De Niro brought life to a character that was f*cking meant to have life. Its one of the most entertaining, gothic interpretations of the original story. (1992) Army of Darkness 7. 5/10 (1991) Sometimes They Come Back 8/10 This is a simple story by King standards but I think it was incredibly effective. It's childhood based and emotionally impactive. It incites bravery with acceptance and mostly, just makes me want to hug my younger brothers. (1991) The Silence of the Lambs 9. 5/10 This film is a model in dialogue-driven horror and both Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster are incredible in it. I only say dialogue-driven horror because while the film does stand out in blatant, suspenseful, scary moments; it's the conversations between Clarice and Dr. Lecter that make it so memorable. It just adds this timeless psychological horror element that helps establish it as a classic in my eyes. (1990) Gremlins 2: The New Batch 7. 5/10 (1990) Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 7. 5/10 (1989) The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover 9/10 This film is so exceptionally cruel. Even when theres a clear bad guy it seems as if everyone is fighting to get to the bottom. Its unapologetic, violent, with dynamic characters that thrive on hedonistic impulses. Visually, its remarkable. You would think its a Giallo film before you heard people speaking non-dubbed English. Im not just speaking aesthetically too but every color choice and wardrobe decision seems fully intertwined with the films central message. (1989) Intruder 7. 5/10 (1988) Following 8/10 Following is actually Nolans debut film and seeing that hes one of my favorite directors, Im almost mad it took me this long to see it. Shot in black and white, this super low-budget crime-noir, psychological thriller is an incredible feat in storytelling and sets the tone for Nolan as a career director. It features his classic non-linear plot as well as really being a character driven film. For a big-budget director, its almost heartwarming to know that he could accomplish something like this on almost nothing. Its reminiscent of Man Bites Dog and Hitchco*ck films but very much stylistically, and most importantly, Nolan himself. (1988) Brain Damage 7/10 (1988) Halloween 4: The Return 7/10 (1988) Beetlejuice 9/10 This film is, head-to-toe, one of Burtons strangest films to date. Not only is it just a strange original story but the production and overall execution is absolutely insane. (1987) Evil Dead 2 8. 5/10 Just from a technical perspective, everything is so f*cking impressive. Its all basically hand-done, practical effects and the camera work is just remarkable. The film leans more towards the humor side of the series but it does so both intentionally and gracefully. I adore this movie, its on par with the original. I dont think I can necessarily rate it the same from an analytical perspective but from an enjoyment perspective, hell-f*cking-yeah dude. (1987) Angel Heart 8/10 Mickey Rourke is incredible here and its simply a satanic, thriller epic. Theres not a huge twist per-say but the entire film slowly reveals something horrible about the main characters. (1985) Re-Animator 8/10 Its probably one of the goriest movies of the decade but its also endearing in its humor. Dont get me wrong, its brutal. Its ultra-violent, perversely sexual even but the way fans revere it is what makes it so special. (1985) Day of the Dead 7. 5/10 (1984) Gremlins 7/10 (1983) Cujo 7/10 (1982) Cat People 9/10 I love the original film to death but I couldnt be more satisfied with the direction this pseudo-remake went in. Its less of a psychological thriller and more of an erotic, body-horror fever dream. Also features a great score by Giorgio Moroder, as well as an excellent theme song by Bowie. (1982) Poltergeist 8. 5/10 Sans maybe one scene of CGI, this is one of the 80s best displays of practical effects. I sometimes dont even think of Tobe Hooper as an elite director until I watch his films and instantly Im clicked into the magic. I just love how the characters are rough around the edges. The parents smoking weed together and playing around is endearing and humanizing. Humor is strewn throughout very naturally to make the film more fun. (1981) The House by the Cemetery 8. 5/10 People love The Beyond but this film does a much better job at devolving into that hellish landscape from a simplistic approach. The gore is unreal and coupled with his absolute best camera work to date, I cant see it as anything but his masterpiece. (1980) Cannibal Holocaust 7. 5/10 (1979) Apocalypse Now 9/10 Its a long film and the scale, especially in certain combat scenes is just f*cking huge. I mean the actual production itself, the budget, the scope of this f*cking movie is massive. The entire time I was struggling to really understand the narrative, what the actual goal was but really, that confusion was intentional. This is Coppolas profound statement on the pointlessness, and specifically so, of the Vietnam War. Its an incredible film and a must watch. (1977) The Hills Have Eyes 7/10 (1976) Carrie 8. 5/10 This film was fantastic. I love Sissy Spacek, she just really embodies this role and its one of those performances that I couldnt see anyone else playing. (1973) Dont Look Now 8/10 I felt this film was a great study into ambiguous filmmaking vs overt horror, really relying on the former. Theres tons of fantastic performances suggesting a really sinister narrative, all leading up to a decently insane finale. (1972) Raw Meat 7/10 (1972) Tales from the Crypt 7. 5/10 (1972) The Last House on the Left 8/10 Ive always respected Wes Craven immensely for both influencing the genre as a whole and also, always having fun with making the films he wanted to make. This film forgoes a lot of traditional horror filmmaking and just filmmaking in general. It doesnt attempt to conceal anything to build tension. Quite frankly, it has the restraint of a snuff film. That style, berthed a whole new generation of exploitation horror movies. (1953) The House of Wax 7. 5/10 (1953) The White Reindeer 7/10 (1950) Sunset Boulevard 9/10 It totally brings a smile to my face to say this this is, yet again, another film that had to inspire David Lynch. Its certainly film-noir but the melodrama itself is so creepily in-tune with the struggles of Hollywood actors and actresses. (1949) The Queen of Spades 7. 5/10 (1947) Black Narcissus 9/10 This film is absolutely breathtaking. For anyone whos ever considered technicolor to look fake, blown-out and oversaturated, this is a shining example of it done right. Its an entirely created set with gorgeous artwork. Its not just in how its looks from an artistic standpoint but even on a technical level, Powell was able to blow up a studio space with fantastic, wide-panning shots. There is not a better looking film out of this decade. (1946) Bedlam 7/10 (1942) Cat People 8. 5/10 I actually consider this film to be one of the best early psychological-horror films. Masquerading as a b-movie of sorts, I surprisingly found a lot of depth in it. Simone Simon is a fantastic lead and even with the short runtime, I came to understand her character rather quickly. Tons of anxiety as well as repressed sexuality sort of hone her into this timid and frightened woman who brings her own fears to life. (1938) They Drive by Night 8/10 This is a great f*cking movie that totally embodies crime-noir. It reminds me a ton of early Hitchco*ck and for the 30s, the narrative is spectacularly clean. (1937) Song at Midnight 7/10 (1914) The Egyptian Mummy no rating/10 (just a cool slapstick early short.

Free movie normal people book. I loveeed the book soooooo much. I CANT WAIT. Me: watches this before doing laundry maybe I shoud try drying clothes like this me: minutes later broke a leg and ripped the clothes. I loved this book. I just loved their characters. In some parts it was so relatable to me, I'm glad I didn't waste my time and read a book after so many days, and to me, when I read a book, something changes in me. And I loved that feeling after so long. Thanks for your review! I would also like to know, what happens to Gareth? He's only mentioned like once as Marianne's bf, but they don't mention what happened with them afterwards.

Loved this insight and loved your conference in Vitoria! Really good info to develop a foundation in training periodization! Thanks and keep it up doctor. I think comments are more interesting than the trailer✌✌.

Randeep Hooda at 1.00 min but blur 🔥

I didn't find Crime and Punishment slow at all. I couldn't put it down. It's a murder mystery (even though you know who the culprit is) and psychological thriller. Disney is awful. It always has been and always will be. From the beginning, Mickey Mouse was a rip-off and he only got more popular than what was ripped off because Walt Disney is a great businessperson and a great marketer. First of all, Disney is all about marketing. The producers of Disney movies dont care about art or anything. They just want to make cash and Walt Disney was like that as well. The whole Disney princess thing wasnt to give young girls rolemodels like many Disney spokespeople will lead you to believe, it was to capitalize off of young girls. The person who CREATED the Disney princess thing said this himself. Disney studios movie also always have the worst of messages. The message behind Cinderella is literally “only good looking people are good on the inside”. Thats a message you want to spread to your children! Disney also disrespects history and mythology with their movies that warp it constantly. The original Cinderella story, despite being dark, had a much better message and it was from the perspective of the fairy godmother who really was just a woman given a magic wand. I could go into the story but whats important is that the message was “it isnt important how rich you is or how beautiful you are on the outside, you should show yourself for who you are on the inside and people who respect you for it are the ones you should keep around”. If the story were made much less dark, it wouldve been WAYYY better than the story put on the big screen and children would grow up with good messages. High school musical is one example of Disney spreading bad messages to children. Im mainly going to center this argument off of how Sharpay is portrayed. Sharpay in this trilogy is treated as the villain but she really isnt that. Shes perfectly fine and really didnt do anything wrong. Sure the actresss tone is meant to be condescending but if you look at what she says. she did nothing wrong. Its completely normal to be upset when you are passionate about something, put your time and effort into it, and then credit is taken by two newbies who are just trying something out. She didnt bully them or act terribly. She was perfectly civil. She also doesnt act entitled or really mean at all, shes clearly hardworking. HSM is clearly just a movie where popular kids are glorified for picking on nerds. Troy and Gabrielle basically throughout the entire series are picking on her when she did nothing wrong at all. The message of HSM is clearly just “NuRdS SuK. I gOnNa BuLlY” and that isnt ok. The little mermaids message is one of self rejection and body image hate. Aladdins message is that poor people who lives outside on their own and are homeless are more free than rich people which is absolutely untrue. Pocahontas makes sh*t up about history and lies about what transpired as well as making it seem as if the Europeans were civil and kind towards the natives and just flat out lies about many things that went down which adds to the lies children are told about thanksgiving (a whole other thing I have a problem with. Listen, you dont needa share the dark story of Pocahontas with children, just dont lie about it. Wait till theyre old enough, or dont show them at all. Pocahontas is disrespectful to Native American history. Hercules flat out disrespects a beautiful story. Yes the original is dark, thats why you dont tell it. They also add to the BS that hades is an evil being and is Satan-like which isnt true. Sure he isnt great, none of the Greek gods are genuinely good or perfect beings, theyre complete assholes. But hades IS NOT satan. Disney shouldnt miseducate children about classical literature like that. Its like telling children that robin hood worked for rich people, he didnt. The only Disney studios movies I genuinely like are Moana, Pulp Fiction, The Lion king, and Milan. Most of the others suck. Now lets get to the movies created by Disney child companies. Why not talk about Disney lucasfilm (lucasfilm after it was bought by Disney) and marvel studios. The movies created by marvel studios are definitely enjoyable and arent bad. But they arent works of art, theyre simply cash cows that Disney wants to milk. This has been shown in a number of decisions made by Kevin Feige who likes you to believe that he cares about art, but he really does not. Kevin simply wants to create something that a lot of people like which is admirable. He genuinely wants people to like the movies he produces which makes him above most Disney producers. but he disrespects the source material. The fact that uncle Ben hasnt been in an MCU Spider-Man movie are reminiscent in the fact that Kevin just wants to make money by milking iron man. And no, iron man is not Peter Parkers father figure in the comics no matter what youve been led to believe. Peters father figure is Ben Parker and he is the reason why peter fights like he does and why he has the philosophy that he talked about in the civil war movie. Kevin did the same by tearing up dark Phoenix which wouldve been a great two part movie. However, he thought it was ok to tear up an artists vision to being more attention to the MCU which hes outright admitted. This is just more evidence that Disney doesnt care about creating artistic masterpieces. Marvel studioss directors also dont fight Disney or Kevin like the various great cinema creators. Now lets get to lucasfilm. Please do not spoil episode IX of Star Wars as I havent seen it. Kathleen Kennedy I dont think has much regard for the legacy created by. Worse Lucas and nor does Disney as a whole. They completely disregard the prequels which bothers me. However, I do have faith in episode IX and Im not going to bash the sequel trilogy much until Ive seen that movie. I will however say that TFA was a complete rip-off of ANH and we all know that that was just to get the support from the fifty year olds who got pissed off when George Lucas didnt replicate their childhood exactly and do the same thing over again with the prequels. Now I am by no means trying to defend the toxicity towards John boyega, the actress who plays Rose, or daisy Ridley as fans are absolutely merciless towards them and as a hardcore Star Wars fan who loves the EU, the clone wars, the prequels, and the OT as well as the various games created by lucasfilm, I wont defend that. Now lets get to the one positive part of this post. Thisll further prove that Disney doesnt board about art but I am going to be talking about what happens when artists fight the marketers and Disney as a whole, and when that happens we get Pixar. Pixar is a beautiful studio that has created the movies from my childhood. Theyre meant for all ages and have great storylines that anyone of any age can enjoy. The movies have great messages and are great for contributing to the raising of a child. Toy story is about friendships and respecting them as well as growing up while still being a child on the inside, Inside Out is about what a pre-teen goes through when first entering puberty, the incredibles duology is about spending time with your family and how family is something to be treasured if they treat you right, and more. The plots are also really well crafted. They create large worlds with great premisses that arguably all co-exist in a shared universe. one that existed LONG before the MCU. Even a businessman, Steve Jobs, fell in love with the short films they were creating before they created feature films. Why is all of this true about Pixar but not other Disney child companies or Disney studios themselves? Because Pixar fights Disney in order to make a truly artistic and good product. Did you know that Disney wanted Pixar to make a rip-off of “Rio” but instead they fought back and created “Inside Out”? Disney doesnt know how to handle art. Their studio and child studios make mediocre movies because of that and the only child studio that makes masterpiece level movies with almost every try fight Disney. I get that a lot of people love Disney studios movies because of their childhood and I get a lot of people like the Star Wars sequel trilogy and the MCU. But those movies shouldnt be shown to children because they miseducate and spread messages that no one should grow up with. I also understand that a lot of people love the MCU which is understandable as those movies are very entertaining. I love marvel comics and dc comics alike but the MCU disrespects beautiful source material that is marvel comics. Overall, Disney kinda sucks.

Looks at screen cycle repeats 4 more times Me: HE GAMES ON A MAC. NO MOUSE/MOUSEPAD. NO HEADSET. How revolting. Free movie normal people images. Note: I hope that this post doesn't stray too far from this subreddit's subject matter, but I posted it here because it was relevant to my programming job experience. I also hope that I don't insult anyone here with what I've written. In my defense, I was just trying to get my personal feelings across explicitly. I do not mean to disparage anyone here who finds his job fulfilling. Anyways. Sometime ago I quit my first, well-paying, full-time programming job after only several months of employment. I expected to dislike it because I always found the 9-to-6 lifestyle unappealing, but I gave it a shot because I believed that I could learn to tolerate it and use my free time on weekday evenings and on the weekends for doing the things that I was truly interested in. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that no matter what psychological outlook I employed or how many breaks away from the computer I took, sitting at my desk while glaring at the screen all day never ceased being incredibly suffocating for me. Every single day was uncomfortable. As for the time outside of work, I found that regardless of how I arranged my schedule, it would always end up being the same thing: an opportunity for me to plop on the couch, turn on some mindless Netflix show and turn off my brain for 6 hours; or, to go to a bar with friends and numb myself with alcohol. Whatever the specific method I turned to was, it always served the same purpose: as a means of anesthesia and self-medication away from work. Oh, and it's not like I didn't try to have fulfilling hobbies outside my job: I bought lifting weights for exercising, new hiking boots for spending more time in my local forest, and even a guitar, which I intended to learn how to play; but ultimately, I was always too exhausted to do any of these things after a day's work. While, during the weekends, I preferred to go out and drink, or engage in other vices because they were a more effective means of attaining relief than reading philosophy, which had up until then been my main life interest. In fact, I stopped reading entirely. I tried switching things up by abstaining from drinking and other vices and instead forcing myself to engage in the healthy activities that I've outlined for myself, but due to my constant exhaustion I never derived any pleasure from them. After about three months of this, I found myself on the verge of a mental breakdown. I couldn't take a leave since I was a new hire, and I didn't want to quit since I was earning good money. So, I turned to opioid medication. Opioids helped me stay sane while sitting in a chair all day, and acted as more effective anesthesia than drinking or binging Netflix ever did. Hell, they made me a better worker and even motivated me to occasionally read on my free time (although, it made it difficult for me to remember what I had read the next day. I'm not sure how long I expected to keep this up, or what my plan even was anymore by this point, but after about 2 months of steadily increasing my dosage, I developed an addiction. Soon enough, I needed drugs just to feel relatively normal (though I never felt truly normal at work. After weeks of suicidal thoughts, I decided that no amount of money was worth this kind of living, and so I quit. It's been several months since then, and I'm just completing my drug taper now. I've been living on my savings and the occasional, small freelance jobs that I take up, but I will obviously need a greater stream of income in the near future. I can hear the Mr. Responsible-Man in the back of my mind saying, son, you need to grow up and get another full-time job; how else do you expect to earn money. but I'm almost certain that if I were to get another 9-to-6 (or 9-to-5) I would end up in the same situation, with my mental health in the trash, taking drugs just to get through the work day. I can anticipate what some here will recommend: You should see a mental health professional: I have already seen three. I have attended two regularly (at different points in time) when I was in college, and one when I was struggling at my job. I benefit more from silent reflection and meditation than I do from talking to therapists. You're just a druggie, and that's the real problem: I have occasionally used drugs before starting the job, but not significantly more than the average person in his 20s, and they never developed into serious addictions before. I turned to opioids as a last resort. You're making work seem much worse than it actually is in your mind, and you just need a change in attitude: One of the main schools of philosophy that I am interested in is Stoicism, and I've been practicing it for about 2 years now. I also know about CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and understand what a huge impact one's perspective can have on his environment. I find these things very useful in my personal life, but they ultimately didn't suffice to make the 9-to-6 lifestyle bearable for me. I realize that many young people struggle with conforming to their first full-time job, and I don't mean to disparage anyone here, but for me it's not just an issue of inconvenience or occasional boredom and stress; the day-in-day-out 9-to-6 lifestyle is something that I am simply wholly unsuited for mentally and spiritually. It is also not a case of laziness on my part, as I frequently work very long hours on freelance projects. I just can't bear the lack of freedom, the monotony, the overly rigid schedule, the air-conditioned open-office with florescent lighting and no privacy, being cooped up indoors during the nicest, sunniest hours of the day, being perpetually exhausted and the kind of tired that sleep doesn't cure, and losing motivation toward all the things that I have previously found fulfilling. Now, I'm not expecting my life to be some Hollywood movie, but I look at all this and I can only think, this isn't life" and if I am to carry on "living" like that for 45+ more years, slowly seeing myself becoming an empty shell of what I once was, perhaps it would be better for not to be alive at all. Freelancing isn't my dream either, but the additional control it provides at least makes the work tolerable, even if I earn a fraction of what I was earning. I think that I will stick with it for the time being and save up as much money as I can. My longshot goal is to eventually buy a house in a remote region in my home country in eastern Europe, start a homestead, and try to live there, as much off-the-grid as possible. Perhaps learn a hands-on, skilled trade, too. I've always wanted a salt-of-the-earth kind of life, with all the toil and risk that it entails, but since childhood I've been pushed into urban environments that I have never adjusted to. Perhaps now that I am an adult, I can change my course. I'm curious if anyone here has had similar thoughts or can relate to what I have written. TL;DR: I found the 9-to-6 lifestyle of my first full-time programming job so depressing that it made me lose motivation for all the things that have previously made my life fulfilling. I subsequently developed an opioid addiction as a means of coping and once it got bad enough, I quit my job after only several months of employment, with nothing lined up. I now believe that I am wholly unsuited for the modern full-time office job, and I am exploring other means of supporting myself. I'm curious if anyone here can relate.

Free movie normal people movie.

Vudu - Watch Movies. 2:34 when you snort too many pixie sticks,and smarties. Ok i want to be her friend. I loved Normal People but totally agree with your point of view.


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