Free Printable February 2024 Calendar with Holidays (2024)

Find a free printable February 2024 calendar template from this collection of beautifully designed monthly calendars. With these February calendars, you’ll be sure to stay on top of your schedules throughout the mom. February is the shortest month of the year, so set your goals and organize your plans to make your 29 days meaningful and productive. On this page, you can download a stylish February calendar template to use!

Free Printable February 2024 Calendar Templates

This page includes 31 free printable February 2024 calendars. These calendars are available in various styles and formats for you to choose from. So whether you are looking for a Sunday week start or a Monday week start calendar in minimalist or elaborate design, find a style to print from this page. Thanks to Design Cuts and Creative Market, where design elements are sourced. Several of these calendars include the US holidays for February, which are also available in blank templates for our friends residing outside the United States.


  • Free Printable February 2024 Calendar Templates
  • Printable February Calendar Templates
  • Cute Free Printable February 2024 Calendar
  • Vertical February Calendar Templates
  • February 2024 Calendars in PDF Templates – Monday Start
  • Download the Free Calendars
  • February Holidays and Observances
  • More Printables for February

Tips on How To Use These Calendars

You can use these February calendars for many different purposes. They’re especially useful in tracking upcoming appointments, project deadlines, and school schedules. They can also help track bill and payment due dates, events, and vacation plans. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of these free printable February 2024 calendar templates:

  • Select a design that will inspire you to make plans. There are several stunning designs available for your consideration. Explore our collection and find a simple, minimalist calendar or a calendar adorned with intricate floral patterns. Print a style that resonates with your taste!
  • When using the calendar, you may color-code it based on your priorities to easily distinguish where you should spend your time the most. For example, use a red highlighter for urgent tasks and a blue color for less urgent tasks.
  • Keep your calendar handy. Place it in a location that’s easily accessible. You may place it on your desk or insert it in your planner.
  • Use your calendar at consistent times to develop the habit of scheduling.

These printable February calendars may be simple, but they can effectively maximize your day! So, choose the design/s to use from this collection!

How to Print the February Calendars

Once you have chosen the February calendar template to print, click on the download button underneath each featured calendar. For your reference, they are formatted to print on US letter-size paper (8.5 “x11”).

We have more designs available in your download. To get our entire collection of February calendar printables, sign up for the Shining Mom mailing to receive all 17 files straight into your inbox and gain easier access to all free printables! You can find the subscription button toward the end of the page.

Printable February Calendar Templates

The calendars for February featured on this page come in PDF files for easy printing. They are all for free download. Scroll down to view our favorite designs, and then download, save, and print yours!

Stylish February Calendar Template

This colorful February calendar template is excellent to use as a desk calendar. Use it to organize your commitments and schedules, be it in your home, office, or kids’ school. With its cheerful vibe, this free calendar is highly recommended for everyone to enjoy!

February Calendar Printable

Celebrate love and romance with this gorgeous floral February 2024 calendar. The delicate floral blooms adorning it are sure to create a romantic atmosphere when organizing your schedules. Go ahead and plot out your work activities and your Valentine’s Day plans right here. This printable calendar is a delightful organizer to use to make the most of this month’s romantic spirit. Grab a copy for free!

February Calendar Template in Valentine’s Day Theme

This Valentine-themed February 2024 calendar is a sweet calendar to organize your schedule this month. Created using Canva, this cute calendar is excellent for keeping track of all your important dates and events with its vibrant color scheme and wide layout.

Floral February 2024 Calendar

Looking for a floral calendar for February? This next one is for you. So beautiful, this calendar adorned with tropical flowers can make organizing schedules enjoyable for you. So print it off to organize your February plans! We also have a free floral 2024 calendar, just in case you need to plan your schedules for the rest of the year.

Corporate Printable February Calendar

Download this modern-style February calendar if you’re looking for a simple calendar to use in your office. This corporate calendar is excellent for mapping out project timelines and office commitments. You can also snag our editable monthly calendar if you need a fillable monthly calendar to use.

Nature-Themed February Calendar

This nature-themed February calendar provides a serene backdrop for planning, harmonizing swaying leaves with ample writing space for easy scheduling. Print this February 2024 calendar as your desk essential or planner insert to stay organized throughout the month!

Cute Free Printable February 2024 Calendar

If you need an adorable February calendar, the following one is perfect for printing. Decorated with ice cream and cupcakes, this free calendar is a delightful tool for organizing your plans!

Vertical February Calendar Templates

Feel free to download the elegant February portrait calendars offered below, tailored for your monthly planning needs. Notably, the calendar on the right side is adorned with inspiring scriptures from the Bible. Use these calendars to stay motivated to work on your goals!

February 2024 Calendars in PDF Templates – Monday Start

If you prefer to use calendars that start on a Monday, this next set of printable calendars for February is for you. We have four designs of Monday-start calendars. These calendars are great for easily organizing your weekend and weekday schedules, be it at home, the office, or school! Most of these calendars include a special area for your notes and reminders.

Download the Free Calendars

Ready to print? Then, download our entire collection of February calendar templates. Join the Shining Mom mailing list to receive the 31 calendar files straight into your inbox and gain easy access to all our printables!


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February Holidays and Observances

February is the second month of the year, and it comes after January. It is the only month in the entire year to have a length of fewer than 30 days! In non-leap years, this month spans 28 days, while in leap years, it encompasses 29 days. Hence, in the leap year 2024, the month of February has 29 days.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th day of February each year. This day is also called St. Valentine’s Day or Feast of St. Valentines. This day is a celebration of love. Often, the day is celebrated by sending love letters to partners, families, and friends. Hearts and cupids symbolize this special day. Learn more about Valentine’s Day.

President’s Day

President’s Day isa federal holiday in the United States. This day is celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor those who served as presidents of the United States. Learn more about President’s Day.

More Printables for February

Looking for more organizers for February? The Shining Mom blog has several organizers that you can download for free!

Start by downloading this ultimate planning bundle for February, which includes journalling pages, monthly goal-setting worksheets, meal and activity planners, calendars, and more! Boost your productivity this month by setting clear goals to achieve!

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2024 Calendar with Holidays

Free Printable February 2024 Calendar with Holidays (2024)


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