How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (2024)

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Dec 19, 2023


How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (2)

Ever found yourself pondering over the challenge of creating a chic and inviting atmosphere for your beauty salon without draining your budget?

The answer is a resounding “Yes,” and with my expertise in Brand Strategy and I-O Psychology, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process for 3D visualizing a custom-made, stunning low budget beauty salon interior Design in 2024.

This guide, comprising three simple steps, will take you from initial inspiration to collaborating with budget-friendly designers to see your vision come to life.

Ready to turn your salon into a budget-friendly beauty haven? Let’s get started!

The roadmap to a simple low budget beauty salon interior design unfolds in three strategic steps.

  • Step 1: Conceptualization and Ideation
  • Step 2: Collaboration with a Designer
  • Step 3: Bringing the Design to Life

From ideation to execution, this will be your roadmap to achieving the best beauty salon interior design on a budget.

Welcome to the starting point of your salon’s makeover! Imagine this as the initial planning stage, where we dive into Space Analysis, Style Preferences, Color schemes, Flooring solutions, Wall decor, and more.

And remember, the insights gathered here will be handed over to your designer to bring your dream to life in the next exciting step.

So, grab your notepad, visualize, and get ready to turn your salon vision into a tangible plan.

1. Square Footage Considerations

First, you may begin by understanding your salon’s size.

Measure and document the dimensions of your salon space accurately which includes the total square footage as well as specific measurements for different sections.

Practical Tips:

  • Use a floor plan to visualize the space and identify potential challenges.
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (4)

Have your salon floor plan designed or revamped by a professional!

2. Functional Areas Planning

With the dimensions of the salon in mind, you can then divide the space wisely for different salon functions.

  • Client Flow
  • Workstations
  • Waiting Areas
  • Reception area

1. Contemporary vs. Classic

Define your salon’s style to guide design decisions. Whether it’s a modern vibe or a timeless feel, this choice forms the basis for creating a cohesive and appealing environment.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (5)

Consistency is Key: Once you’ve chosen a style, strive for consistency in all design elements. This includes color schemes, furniture choices, lighting fixtures, and even decor.

Consistency contributes to a polished and professional appearance and is the key to designing a simple low budget beauty salon interior design.

Practical Tips:

  • Create mood boards or visual references to help solidify the chosen style.
  • Consider the preferences of your target clientele — for example, a younger demographic might resonate more with contemporary designs.
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (6)

2. Theme Exploration

This step sets the tone for the design process, guiding choices for colors, furniture, and overall ambiance.

Align with Salon Identity: Explore themes that align with your salon’s brand and identity. Whether it’s a specific color palette, a cultural influence, or a unique concept, the chosen theme should resonate with your target market.

Practical Tips:

  • Consider the cultural and geographical context of your salon’s location when exploring themes.
  • Experiment with different textures and materials to enhance the chosen theme.

1. Natural Lighting Maximization

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (7)

Harness natural light strategically by placing styling stations near windows. This not only reduces the need for artificial lighting but also creates a bright and inviting atmosphere.

2. Artificial beauty salon lighting Options

Invest in budget-friendly lighting fixtures that complement the overall design while providing adequate illumination for various salon activities.

LED Lighting:

LED lights are energy-efficient and cost-effective. They come in various styles, including strips, bulbs, and fixtures, allowing for versatile applications.

LED lighting can be used to create ambient lighting or highlight specific areas within the salon. I.e; beauty salon mirrors with lights

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (8)

Paper Lanterns or Pendant Lights:

These options are not only affordable but also add a touch of style to the salon. Paper lanterns or pendant lights can be used strategically to create focal points or define different sections of the salon.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (9)
  • Where to Buy: Look for budget-friendly paper lanterns or pendant lights at home decor stores, discount retailers, or online marketplaces like Wayfair or Overstock.

Practical Tips:

  • Mix different types of lighting to create layers and enhance the overall ambiance.
  • Consider energy-efficient options to save on long-term operational costs.

1. Removable Wallpaper and Decals:

You can explore cost-effective wall coverings like removable wallpaper or textured paint techniques to add visual interest without breaking the bank.

Here are some options to choose from,

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (10)

2. DIY Art Projects and Framed Graphics:

Consider DIY art projects or framing printed graphics as alternatives to expensive artwork for your low budget beauty salon interior design.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (11)

Looking for an elegant logo design for your beauty salon? Get one here.

1. Mood-Enhancing Hues:

Different colors evoke specific emotions and moods, and to get the best beauty salon interior design, it’s important to choose colors that align with the desired atmosphere.

Warm tones, such as soft yellows, oranges, or earthy tones, can create a cozy and inviting ambiance. On the other hand, cool tones, like blues and greens, may contribute to a refreshing and calming feel.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (12)

Color Psychology Tips:

- Red: Energetic, passionate, attention-grabbing.
- Blue: Calming, trustworthy, serene.
- Yellow: Cheerful, inviting, optimistic.
- Green: Refreshing, harmonious, natural.
- Neutral tones: Versatile, timeless, sophisticated.

Warm colors are often associated with energy, vibrancy, and warmth, making them suitable for lively salon environments.

Cool colors, meanwhile, evoke a sense of calm, relaxation, and cleanliness, which can be ideal for spaces where clients seek tranquility.

Practical tips:

  • Use neutral colors like black, white, gray, brown for reception areas to create a sophisticated look.
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (13)
  • Use warm colors in treatment or styling areas to create a vibrant and comforting space for clients.
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (14)
  • Incorporate cool tones in waiting areas to promote a calming and relaxing experience.
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (15)

2. Color Coordination Tips:

Coordinating colors throughout the salon involves a thoughtful approach to wall colors, furniture, and decor. Harmonizing these elements creates a unified and visually pleasing environment.

Consider the overall color scheme and how different hues interact with each other.

Color Wheel Guidelines: You may use the color wheel to guide your color choices. Analogous colors (those next to each other on the wheel) create a cohesive look, while complementary colors (opposite each other) can add vibrancy.

Neutral tones, such as whites and grays, can balance and ground the overall palette.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (16)

Practical Tips:

  • Choose a primary color for walls and main furniture, then use accent colors for decor and accessories.
  • Ensure that the color scheme aligns with your salon’s branding and the emotions you want to evoke.

1. Accent Wall Strategies

With well-designed accent walls, you can create a glamorous luxury beauty salon interior design without breaking the bank.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (17)

1. Low-Cost Flooring Alternatives

Explore affordable flooring alternatives like vinyl or laminate, which mimic the look of more expensive materials without the hefty price tag.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (18)

2. Space-Expanding Tricks

You can use mirrors strategically to create an illusion of space, making your salon feel larger and more open.

These full-length hanging mirrors could be particularly ideal for small salon spaces.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (19)

1. Indoor Plants for Beauty and Budget

Select low-maintenance, air-purifying plants to enhance air quality, add a touch of nature to your salon and fill empty spaces.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (20)

Suitable Air purifying Plants for Salons:

  • Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)
  • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
  • Aloe Vera
  • Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

Now, let’s dive into the next crucial phase of “Collaboration with a Designer.” Here, your ideas meet expertise, bringing your salon vision to life.

By teaming up with a professional interior designer, you ensure your low-budget beauty salon interior design not only looks fantastic but works like a charm.

This step is where your vision gets a professional touch, transforming ideas into a visually appealing reality.

1. Research and Select a Designer

— You may browse reliable freelance platforms like Fiverr Pro to find experienced and budget-friendly designers.

— Consider their portfolios and reviews before making a selection. Assess the portfolios of freelancers and local artisans to find high-quality services within your budget.

Top-rated freelancers for a simple low budget beauty salon interior design.

Here, I have filtered 3 best options for you by taking into consideration the ratings, work experience and the average project cost of the freelancers.

1. Freelancer ID — Maryna O.

  • Country — Ukraine
  • Ratings 5/5(49)
  • Best offer— 6 renderings for 400 $
  • Sample work and customer feedback
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (21)
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (22)

“Highly recommend her. She executed ideas I didn’t even know I had! My salon is beautiful because of her. I sent her a bunch of inspiration from Pinterest, and she made my dream come true.” — A random client from USA

2. Freelancer ID — Yinstudio [My personal choice]

  • Country — Malaysia
  • Ratings — 5/5 (70)
  • Best offer — 4 renderings for 340 $
  • Sample work and customer feedback
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (23)
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (24)

“She was excellent to work with. She gave me such a beautiful design for my shop. The color coordination was beautiful and the layout + furniture choice was better than I could have hoped. I will be coming back when I open my next shop.”— A random client from Canada.

3. Freelancer ID — Janus Dg.

  • Country — Philippines
  • Ratings — 5/5 (303)
  • Best offer — 8 renderings for 140 $
  • Sample work and customer feedback
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (25)
How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (26)

“Wow — this seller was truly incredible to work with. Fast to communicate, and also saw my vision through from start to finish. I am beyond happy with how these turned out!’’ — A random client from USA

2. Communicate Your Vision

Now provide the following information and discuss your vision with the chosen designer. You may opt for open communication through a video call or zoom discussions to ensure a shared understanding of the design goals.

a). Floor Plan and Measurements
Provide a detailed floor plan with precise measurements, indicating the layout of functional areas.

b). Photos of the Space
Capture clear images of your salon from various angles to give the designer a comprehensive understanding of the existing space.

c). Design Requirements
Clearly outline your requirements, including furniture allocation, equipment sizes, and any specific design constraints.

d). Design Ideas, Inspiration & References
Offer a mood board or references that showcase your design preferences and inspire the designer. You may use a platform like Pinterest for inspiration.

  • Click here to get references for a low budget modern beauty salon interior design.
  • Click here to get references for a glamorous luxury beauty salon interior design.

3. Request Rendering

  • Place the order for your designer’s gig.
  • Ask for a detailed 3D rendering of the proposed design.
  • Seek revisions if necessary, ensuring the final rendering aligns with your vision.

Congratulations on completing the collaborative journey with your designer in Step 2! Now, let’s transition from ideas on paper to the tangible transformation of your beauty salon.

This step, “Bringing the Design to Life,” is where your vision becomes a reality, and your salon evolves into a stylish, functional space.

Follow these key actions to navigate this phase:

1. Review and Finalize Rendered Design:

Once you receive the 3D rendering from your designer, carefully review each detail to ensure that the design aligns with your vision and incorporates the elements discussed during collaboration.

If needed, you can always communicate any final adjustments or revisions to achieve perfection before clicking the “delivery accepted” button on the site.

How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (27)

2. Materialize Your Vision:

Now that you have the best beauty salon interior design for your space, you can start gathering the materials and elements required for the design execution.
— Consider budget-friendly options discussed during the conceptualization phase.
— Seek inspiration from the rendered design to guide your choices in furniture, color schemes, and decor.

3. For the Budget Management:

— Keep a close eye on your budget as you bring the design to life.
 — Explore cost-effective solutions for furniture, decor, and materials without compromising on quality.

4. Coordinate with Contractors:

— If modifications to the physical space are required, coordinate with contractors or local artisans.
— Ensure that any structural changes align with the design, optimizing the functionality of your salon.

5. To Execute the Plan:

— Begin implementing the design by following the rendered plan systematically.
— Pay attention to details such as furniture placement, lighting installation, and decor arrangements.
— Maintain clear communication with the execution team to address any challenges promptly.

6. Monitor Progress:

— Regularly monitor the progress of the design implementation.

By diligently following these steps, you’ll witness your low-budget beauty salon interior design evolve into a captivating space that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

1. Where can I find professional salon interior design services within my budget?

— Consider exploring Fiverr Pro, a platform that connects you with talented freelancers offering a range of design services.

2. Is Fiverr a secure platform for hiring designers?

— Yes, Fiverr prioritizes security. The platform uses secure payment systems, and you only release funds when you are satisfied with the delivered work.

3. How do I decorate a small beauty salon?

— Optimize space with multifunctional furniture and utilize mirrors to create an illusion of more space. Choose a cohesive color scheme and incorporate smart storage solutions.

4. How to design your salon shop?

— Consider your target audience and brand identity. Plan the layout for functionality, choose a harmonious color scheme, and invest in quality salon equipment.

5. How do I create a budget for my salon?

— List all necessary expenses, prioritize them, and allocate funds accordingly. Research and compare prices for salon equipment and furnishings. Factor in ongoing operational costs to create a realistic budget.

By following these three main steps, from ideation to collaboration with a designer and execution, you can transform your low budget beauty salon interior design into a visually appealing and functional space that attract more and more clients.

Cheers to the success of your salon’s new chapter!

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How to get a Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design custom made in 2024. (2024)


How to design an interior salon? ›

Modern – Modern salons usually look more minimal when it comes to decor. They prioritize clean lines, neutral colors like black and white with bold pops of color used thoughtfully and sparingly. Modern-looking salons use beauty salon equipment that is sleek and luxurious looking — think black and white.

How to design a mini salon? ›

In a small salon, the interior design should focus on creating a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. This can be achieved by using a light colour scheme, incorporating lots of natural light, and having minimalist décor. A feature wall or a statement piece can add interest without cluttering the space.

What is the standard size of a salon? ›

The average salon dimension is 1,500 square feet or 140 square meters. Nail salons are 1,300 square feet or 120 square meters on average. Compared to hair salons, nail salons are smaller. A great starting point is the standard salon dimension of 1,500 square feet.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior stylist? ›

Interior styling is mainly focused on aesthetics and creating visually appealing spaces, while interior design is focused on both aesthetics and functionality, as well as compliance with building codes and accessibility standards.

What is the difference between an interior decorator and an interior stylist? ›

The designer is interested in the craft and function of a space, and the decorator is interested in the look and beauty of a space. The stylist is really interested in the dressing and entertainment value of an interior space, focusing on smaller accessory items and current design trends or a particular design tool.

How do I create a budget for my salon? ›

To create a budget for your salon, follow these steps:
  1. Estimate Your Revenue. Start by projecting your salon's monthly or annual income. ...
  2. List Your Expenses. Create a comprehensive list of all your salon's expenses. ...
  3. Differentiate Between Fixed and Variable Costs. ...
  4. Set Financial Goals. ...
  5. Monitor and Adjust.
Oct 10, 2023

How do I make my salon luxury? ›

3. Invest in High-End Salon Décor. Create an upscale ambiance with elements like chandeliers, flower arrangements, artwork, coffee table books, scented candles, and plush furnishings in your reception and treatment rooms.

How to decorate a simple salon? ›

How to decorate your salon in 5 simple steps
  1. Inspiration. Before you start buying random furniture that will not match and will make your salon look weird and inauthentic take one step back and define first your brand. ...
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  3. Budget & Visualization. ...
  4. Let the styling begin. ...
  5. Sharing is caring.
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  2. Create Effective Mission and Vision Statements. ...
  3. Include a Salon Business Description. ...
  4. Analyze the Market and Identify Your Target Audience. ...
  5. Check What Your Competitors Are Up To. ...
  6. Identify Products and Services You Wish to Offer. ...
  7. Craft a Sound Financial Plan. ...
  8. Tackle Management and Organization.
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How big should a beauty salon be? ›

A spa or salon sized between 1,500 and 2,500 square feet is a good target size for a new business—big enough, but not too big! Depending on your location, the local Cosmetology Board or Massage Board may have licensing requirements that relate to room sizes and layouts; be sure to do your homework in that regard.

How much space should be between chairs in a salon? ›

Ideally, give your guests at least 32-42 inches between shampoo chairs, and up to 54 inches between styling chairs. If you have the flexibility to provide more room, then consider doing so. This way guests can feel more at ease and there won't be as much noise carrying about the space from other stylists.

How profitable is interior design business? ›

Most interior decorators and their firms have a gross profit margin of 35-40%. It is also a rule of thumb for all interior design services to budget for 20-30% net profit. A good budget, based on your business model, appears to be 3-12% of your gross sales revenue.

How do I brand myself as an interior designer? ›

23 Best Ways To Market Yourself As An Interior Designer:
  1. Establish a portfolio.
  2. Utilize social media.
  3. Print your portfolio.
  4. Collaborate with the rest.
  5. Attend design contests.
  6. Work together with an influencer.
  7. Update your business cards and signature lines.
  8. Refresh your social networks.

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  4. Step 4: Develop a Marketing Strategy. ...
  5. Step 5: Get a Solid Accounting System.


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