Recommendations for Poland/Commonwealth? (1.32) (2024)

Poland are awesome. It's just all your main enemies have massive growth potential and will block you in if not checked. If you take the Lithuania PU then you'd easily beat Muscovy straight away, so try and maneuver in such a way to get claims on them ASAP, if you can get to them before they conquer Novgorod and start eating the hordes they'll be easy.

Same with the Ottomans. You and Lithuania can definitely beat them at the start. They start to ramp up in power much faster than the Russians though, so if you can't get them ASAP then either try and secure strong allies (eg. Austria, Russia, France or Spain) or just try and eventually outgrow them, it'll be a long road though.

Economy/dev: Best time is either when an institution's spawned so you can dev for it and have as little time as possible with a tech penalty, or when you're literally at your monarch point cap and it's either use them or lose them. Go to the macro builder and sort by cost, just dev the cheapest provinces. Although I would say firstly try and keep them together early on, institutions spread faster in developed provinces so if you dev for rennaisance, colonialism and printing press in provinces next to each other they're going to spread between them faster each time. And secondly look at trade goods. If you've got a tonne of diplo points then spend them devving something with a high value trade good, if you've just got a tonne of mil points then use them on something with grain/livestock instead, save the good provinces for the other types.

Ideas: Religious are great, one of my favourite picks. Not a good 1st pick as Poland though. A great 1st choice for Lithuania/Muscovy. But as Poland your 1st targets should probably be the TO, Hungary and Denmark. All fellow catholics, so religious ideas don't do anything. If you're struggling for institutions then go economic first, the - dev cost will help you keep up. If you're conquering a lot then admin would be good. Both the core cost and governing cap are great. If you're getting involved in the HRE and amassing AE then maybe diplomatic. I wouldn't recommend it as a 1st pick, maybe 3rd or 4th, but I like aristocratic as Poland. Make your great cav even better, get a manpower boost and +1 siege pip on all future generals. It's one I often take with cav focused nations.

Allies: The bigger the better. As Poland you don't need them to win wars for you. Their main purpose is to dissuade people from attacking you and to prevent coalitions forming against you, so you just want allies who have a tonne of troops to get the biggest impact.

Armies: Those aren't good army compositions. You want the full force limit on the front line. IIRC the combat width at game start is 24 so your initial target should be a total of 24 inf/cav. 20 is close, but still puts you at a disadvantage. 10-8-10 is really bad. Firstly that's too much cav, if your cav outnumber our inf then you'll get a tactics penalty, that's quite likely to happen if there's only a 2 unit difference since inf will probably take more casualties in the battle. Your front line is also actually smaller with only 18 units.

Around 1600 would be tech 16ish with a combat width of 30 so the ideal army would be something like 22-8-30 (I'd say more like 28-2-30 for anybody else, but Poland have good cav so you should use more). Personally I'd split that in half though since 60k armies would die to attrition. So I'd have two 11-4-15 armies next to each other and join them together for battles.

Defence: Best way is to get the Ottos/Russians before they get that big. The same is true in western Europe re: France. Best to prevent them from getting too strong in the first place. If you really want to go gung ho for the Ottos then get big allies ASAP and no-CB Byzantium. Best case scenario the ottos attack them too, you vassalise them, take over the war, call in all your allies and thump the Ottos straight away. If the Ottos don't attack you still vassalise them and just wait until you have the favours to call your allies into a reconquest war for all of Byz's cores.

Recommendations for Poland/Commonwealth? (1.32) (2024)


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